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TV Girls Stillness

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Welcome to tvgirls_stills, a stillness challenge community devoted to every girls in tv series, present or past, drama or comedy, adults or teenagers, every show is welcome here. You can see most of the covered show in the interest but this is not restricted to that! It's only the shows I could think of when I entered the interests, but I shall add more. Also, after some times, if there are shows you think I don't cover enough or not at all, feel free to tell me in the suggestion box.

Each week, there is two challenge.
Challenge A have a theme and you pick your picture,
Challenge B are pictures from one tv show that I pick.

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~ Your icon must be of a woman (or of women), no male allowed in the picture, unless it's in a screencap or it's a public event and there is a man in the background that have nothing to do with the pictures.
~ You can submit up to 4 icons, two for each challenge.
~ No animation allowed. It is, after all, a stillness community.
~ Submit your icon to the challenge post. The comments will be screened.
~ If you want to use the contest icon of another participant, you must ask them first. Don't be shy, they are normally very happy to share!
~ Your icon must meet LJ's standards. (100x100 or less, 40kb or less, .png, .gif, .jpg)
~ Do not post your icons anywhere else before the voting ends. If I find out you did, this icon will be disqualified.
~ This must be original icons, made specially for tvgirls_stills
~ Don't vote for yourself.
~ Tell me the name of the show your icons for challenge A are from.
~ When submitting your icon, submit as follow:
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Thursday: New challenge announced
Thursday to Thursday: Submiting
Thursday to Sunday: Voting for the previous challenge
Sunday: Winners annonced

There is no specific time, but all time will be in the evening, in Canada's East time. (GMT-6)

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Comment here if you want to be affiliate.

A list of screencap link can be found here

If you have any question, please contact me by commenting on one of the entries, by commenting on my journal (mini_miss) or my e-mailing me at mini_miss@livejournal.com